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Sports Flooring

Sports Flooring

Rubber is a versatile material and modern technology has helped us to convert this natural resource for sports flooring. Different varieties are available for varied uses in the sports sector. It is now widely used in gymnasiums, play grounds of children, physical training centers, ski resorts, near swimming pools, exercise areas etc. Rubber tiles are used for covering outdoor sports floor area of badminton and volley ball courts.

Solid top Gym mat

Rubber flooring is perfect for gymnasiums because it prevents slipping and gives comfort and safety. The anti-slip top give excellent grip during exercise and the studs at bottom provides a cushioning effect. It minimizes damage to the knees and ankles and reduces the shock to leg joints. The edging is also available in black or yellow color to close the ends while installing the mats.

Solid top Multiplier

The usage of multiplier is same as the solid top. This can be used where thick rubber flooring is required. The holes at the bottom provide cushioning and comfort.

Safe-lock Platinum tile

Safe lock is also recommended for gymnasium floors. The small size of the mat helps in installation, easy cleaning and maintenance. The size also helps in reducing wastage during installation. The thicker layer of rubber matting protects the floor as well as the user. It also dampens sound and absorbs shocks.

Tough tread Gym tile

Tough tread is recommended for covering the floor of large gymnasiums. The large size helps to increase the stability of the floor. It prevents damage to the floor and mutes noise. The edging is also available in black or yellow color to close the ends while installing the mats.

Safe-lock Checker tiles

This is most suitable for aerobic exercise areas, change rooms, and wherever light weight flooring is required. The tile is easy to install and clean.

Safe-lock Studded tile

This is a heavier version of the gym tile, recommended for weight lifting areas and below the exercise machines. Easy to install and clean, it provides extra grip and comfort.

Groovy comfort Weight room tiles

The large size of the mat provides extra grip and stability of the floor. It dampens sounds and absorbs shock.

Outdoor sports tile

The black color versions of these mats are recommended for outdoor sports areas like badminton courts. Colored mats are advised for indoor sports areas. Rubber flooring in the play areas gives comfort and safety.