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Domestic & Commercial Entrance Mats

Domestic & Commercial Entrance Mats

Being clean is a smart move, and there are some basic measures to maintain cleanliness in our homes and establishments. If you want your home to stay clean, an entrance mat at every door is indispensable. A recent study shows that most contaminants in any facility come from shoes, but we can ensure that guests can wipe their shoes on mats before they enter. Entrance mats guard our establishments from dust and mud, minimizes the slip hazard and also decorates the front door.

Multi utility Hollow mats

Hollow mats are widely used for varied purposes like entrance mat, swimming pool mat, mat for children’s play area, mat for muddy fields, mat for wet areas etc, thus it is a multi-utility hollow mat. The holes at the top of the mat allow easy flow of water, fluids and snow. The raised wipers give high scraping effect and the studs at the bottom prevent movement of the mat. Long walk ways can be covered with mats connected by locks. The mats can be decorated with plastic bristles in different colors.

Scraper mats

Scraper mats are recommended for high traffic outdoor entrances. The raised scrapers trap dirt and debris. The anti-slip bottom holds the mat in place and eliminates mildew build up. The tapered edges prevents tripping hazard. The elegant design of the mat decorates entrances.

Multi utility Rubber mat

As the name indicates, this mat has multiple utilities as entrance mats, scraper mats and most importantly as natural flooring for pick up vans and trucks.

Rub-Poly Scraper Mats

Polypropylene is a thermo static polymer. It is used in the production of items that requires flexibility and toughness. In rub-poly scraper mat, the benefits of polypropylene and rubber are integrated for getting high durability, flexibility and elegance. These mats are more resistant to fatigue than any other mats. They resist most chemicals and are excellent weather proof mats which can withstand wear from mildew, rot and weather. They are easy to clean and washable.

Eco-Poly Scraper Mats

Taking the responsibility of recycling, these mats are made of tyre crumb backing. The anti-slip crumb finishing gives extra grip to the floor and prevents movement of the mat. All advantages are similar to that of rub-poly scraper mats.

Rub-Coco Door Mats

Coir, the golden fiber, is a natural product with a dry and rustic look which is extracted from the husk of the coconut without any chemical processing having many advantages when compared to fibers made from synthetic materials and chemicals. Coir is not susceptible to mildew damp and moisture like other natural floor coverings. The high lignin content in the coir gives extra strength and durability.

In rub-coco door mats, the benefits of coir and rubber are clubbed together to make a unique product. Coir provides elegance and scraping effect and rubber backing enhances strength, stability and durability. For those who are environmentally responsible, this is the right product for their doors.

Wire -Coir Scraper mat

Natural coir fiber strengthened with metal wire adds durability. Use of wire coir mats protects the floor from normal tear and wear besides giving dirt cleaning at the entrance.

Grill / Cavity Combi mats

Attractive coir or polypropylene top mats can be made by inserting this to molded rubber trays. The rubber at the bottom gives added strength and the fabric finish on the top helps scraping effect and water absorption.

Rubber Stud mats

Rubber stud mats have short, thick, stud shaped projections placed at fixed intervals that are strong enough to withstand, scrubbing and adverse weather conditions. It traps the dust and dirt and keeps it from falling on the floor. Since the mats are made with good quality natural rubber, it will lay flat on the floor without curling of ends or cracking. The weight of the mat holds it to the floor.

Rubber Pin mats

The pin mats have small cylindrical projections on the top which prevents the dirt and debris from entering a home. A multitude of designs are available in Pin mats and any special designs can be developed as per then requirement of the buyer.

Heavy duty Rubber mats

This is the heavy version of door mats recommended for heavy traffic areas. They include the combination of mats with holes, with studs, and other attractive top designs. It has high dirt trapping and anti-slip features.

Rub-Flock scraper mats

Heavy duty rubber mats with flocking gives added attraction to the entrances. It combines the strength and stability of rubber mats with the beauty and elegance of vinyl flock.

Cast Iron design door mats

These are cast iron designed rubber door mats with scraping and anti-slip properties. The elegant cast iron appearance of the mat gives a cheery welcome to your home. They are strong, durable and are available in crescent, oval and rectangular shapes

Fluffy grass mats

The grass like feel and appearance of these mats gives an elegant appearance to the door. Recommended for indoor use.

Stair treads

Non-slip stair treads are used to cover steps for added safety. The purpose behind it is for improving the stability and grip of each step. They are extremely effective at reducing the risk of slipping or falling on the stair case. They also minimize the scratches and stains on the surface.

Rubber Boot Tray mats

The boot tray mat protects your floors from stains, spills, dirt and debris. If the shoes have water or snow, placing it in the boot tray keeps the hard wood floors clean and safe.

Hand spun Jute rugs & Matting

Jute is a long, soft, shiny vegetable fiber which is 100% bio-degradable and environmentally friendly. Its low thermal conduction and antistatic properties make it a wise choice in home décor. Hand spun Jute Rug/carpet brings a magnificent, chunky texture to any space. Care Instruction: Brush and shake off or vacuum or sweep with broom for cleaning .Do not uses any strong detergent. Immediately remove any spills by blotting (blot do not rub) liquids with a white damp cloth. Professional cleaning recommended.