In Harmony with Nature

Comfort Lock mat

FCL 01

Mat Specifications
Surface Finish Checker plate anti slip pattern
Material Composition

A mix of natural rubber & recycled rubber

Utility Recommendation

Workshops, assembling areas, sales points etc

Method Of Installation

Mats with taper edges -lay flat on the designated area.
Mats with interlocking system: Lock the mats together until we get the required length and close the locking system with the edge matting


Vacuum cleaning / wash with lukewarm water.

Resistnce to Oil / Grease

Standard version is not resistant. Nitrile version is resistant.

Fire Retardation Property

Standard version is not fire retardant

UV resistance

Comfort mats are widely used to cover large work areas in industries and sales points. Mats with four side edging can be used as a single piece for individual purposes. Large areas can be covered using mats that have puzzle connectors.