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Ramp mat

FHA 01

Mat Specifications
AVAILABLE SIZES 60x90cm (3.5kg), 80x120cm (5.5kg), 90x150cm (8.7kg)
Surface Finish Octagonal holes with anti-slip pattern
Material Composition

A mix of natural rubber & recycled rubber

Utility Recommendation

Work place mat, entrance mat.

Method Of Installation

Lay flat on the designated area.


Vacuum cleaning / wash with lukewarm water.

Resistnce to Oil / Grease

Standard version is not resistant. Nitrile version is resistant.

Fire Retardation Property

Standard version is not fire retardant
Fire retardant version is also available for special applications

UV resistance
Black color is Resistant

Ramp mat is a traditional anti fatigue mat with holes. Besides giving a cushioning effect to the feet, this serves the purpose of giving an anti-slip surface for workshops and service areas where the floor might be slippery with fluids and oils. The unique taper edges prevent tripping hazards and the holes at the surface area permit the fluid and oils to flow through. This can also used be as an outdoor entrance mat.