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FSS 02

Mat Specifications
AVAILABLE SIZES 1.22mx1.83m (25kg)
Surface Finish Raised rubber bars and grip lines
Material Composition

A mix of natural rubber & recycled rubber

Utility Recommendation

Horse stables/box ramps

Method Of Installation

Fix with glue or nails on the ramp


Vacuum cleaning /wash with lukewarm water.

Resistnce to Oil / Grease

Standard version is not resistant. Nitrile version is resistant.

Fire Retardation Property

Standard version is not fire retardant
Fire retardant version is also available for special applications

UV resistance
Black color is Resistant

Trailer mats are used for making horse box /trailer entry ramps. These mats are molded with grip lines across the surface interspersed with large bars. This gives a totally slip-proof footing for the horses. The plain bottom helps for easy fixing and the projected top protects the animal from hits and injuries.

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